Sport activiti

Wonderful performance in a volleyball tournament

9th December, 2018

 At the annual „School Games“ competition, organized by the “Poduyane” district, teams from our school took part in the volleyball meetings. The youths from grades 8th to 10th won the prestigious first place and our teams from grades 5th to 7th and 11th to 12th took the second place. Unfortunately, the girls from grades 5th to 7th didn’t succeed in wining any medals.

Prizewinners from „School Games 2017/2018“ in „Poduyane“ district

13th June, 2018

 This year the 44th Secondary School “Neofit Bozveli” was the organizer of the official award ceremony after the first stage of “School Games 2017/2018”. At the celebration on the schoolyard the basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis and chess teams from the area were rewarded with specially made cups.

Second place for our football players in the local championship

20th April, 2018

 The adolescents of the 44th Secondary School from grades 8th to 10th won a victory over the 85th Secondary School in a contested football match, which ranked them second in the local championship in Sofia. The game started with 3 : 0 for the opponents but our boys managed to  turn around the score with their hard efforts. To the end of the match, they played tactically correct and logically achieved an equal score at the end of the regular time. In the penalty shootout, the adolescents showed us a character and managed to score another two points.
 The youths of the 44th Secondary School took the first place in the regional football competition among the schools in “Poduyane” district.

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